Torque Reaction Arms and Torque Tubes Hold and Position Assembly Tools

Advanced Manipulator Specialists manufacturers a complete line of standard and custom-designed UltiTorque™ torque reaction arms and torque tubes for air and electric tools including industrial screwdrivers, nut runners, tappers, hand drills, and more. Torque reaction arms and torque tubes absorb the reaction produced by industrial assembly tools during the manufacturing process and keep the operator free from injury, protect the integrity of the assembly tool and maximize the efficiency of the production process.

Torque Tubes and Articulating Torque Arms for Industrial Assembly Tooling

Maximize productivity and increase quality control by utilizing the complete line of UltiTorque™ torque arms and torque tubes. Smooth, effortless movement offers the operator virtually no resistance. Quality workmanship makes the UltiTorque™ built to withstand the rugged environments of the assembly process. Superior design and exceptional engineering ensure that Advanced’s UltiTorque™ torque tubes and articulating torque arms keep the operator safe and the production process efficient and smooth.

Custom-Built Torque Reaction Arms and Torque Tubes Create Solutions

When tool assembly applications are unique, Advanced Manipulator Specialists is prepared to bring the solution to the assembly floor. If the required torque is exceptional, if the torque arm needs to be mobile, if the area is restrictive or the arm needs to reach into tight quarters, whatever the impediment in your manufacturing process, Advanced’s team will create the torque arm or torque tube to conquer the difficulty. Custom arms offer virtually no weight or torque restrictions!

Standard Torque Reaction Arms Are Compact and Efficient

Standard tool support systems are compact, with operator use as close as 3 inches from the mounting post. The versatility of the standard unit can accommodate up to 30 lbs. and reach up to 40 inches with a 360-degree rotation. The torque arm maintains tools in a vertical position and pneumatic arms easily adjust to varying tool weights. A Power Down Assist (PDA) option is available and will eliminate slippage between tool bit and screw.

No Shortcuts in Design or Workmanship with an UltiTorque™

The team at Advanced Manipulator Specialists prides itself in providing exceptional design and workmanship. By utilizing the highest quality materials and Advanced’s ingenuity, the UltiTorque™ torque arms and torque tubes will bring the ultimate in efficiency and safety to the production floor.

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Torque Reaction Arm Mounted
On Airfloat

Custom designed torque arm used to handle pistol grip tool for assembly is mounted on an airfloat base for easy maneuvering.

Torque Reaction Arm for Multi-Spindle
Drill Fixture

Safely and ergonomically drill holes for hinges in trailer doors. UltiBalance Torque Reaction Arm has 50 lb tool capacity and a 12 ft total horizontal reach. Pneumatic cylinder provides balanced movement.