Roll Handling Manipulators & Shaft Handlers

Virtually any weight load or application is accommodated with our Roll Handling Manipulator and Shaft Handler Systems. Standard or customized designs and multiple mounting options will fulfill your handling needs.

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Manipulator Roll Handler
Roll handling manipulator with tip-lift. Customized manipulators can handle any product and weight.

Pneumatic Roll Manipulator Arm
This UltiBalance Industrial Manipulator has a 10 ft reach and handles a 250 lb roll. Utilizing a pneumatic powered mechanical gripper with adjustable clamp pressure, this system can easily manipulate 250 lb rolls with diameter range from 12" to 24".

Shaft Handling Articulating Jib
This articulating jib is pneumatically powered and handles 300 lb. shafts. Clamp on one end to allow loading and auxiliary hook on opposite end for stabilization while manipulating shaft.

Roll Handler Manipulator Arm
This roll handling industrial manipulator effortlessly lifts and rotates 800 lb rolls with a 12 ft reach. It is pneumatically powered and is on a portable base.

Shaft Handler Lifts 75 lb and 300 lb Shafts Effortlessly
Easily and ergonomically lift 75 lb and 300 lb shafts with the UltiMate Manipulator customized shaft handler. This pneumatically powered machine gives the operator the control of variable speed and provides a pneumatically powered clamp for increased safety.

Shaft Roll Handler
This roll handling manipulator is powered with a variable speed pneumatic chain hoist incorporated on a rail manipulator arm system. It safely and ergonomically lifts 550 lbs and has a 10 ft vertical reach and 8 ft vertical stroke.


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