Linear Rail Industrial Manipulator Arm Precisely Handles Heavy Loads

3D rendering of an industrial UltiRail manipulator arm

Easily accommodate up to 2500 lbs. with the UltiRail™ industrial manipulator arm. Choose this custom-built manipulator when precise product placement is desired. It is the optimal ergonomic lift assist solution when there are wide weight variations of product to be lifted or when product is required to be rigidly suspended during production. Advanced Manipulator's UltiRail™ will keep the operator safe and the fabrication process efficient and seamless.

Custom Rail Lift Assist Delivers Maximum Vertical Travel

The UltiRail™ lift assist device will provide the ultimate lifting and manipulating solution for maximum production efficiency when there is limited horizontal reach but maximum vertical travel is required. Regardless of product weight variations, no adjustments are needed to handle variable payloads with Advanced Manipulator's industrial manipulator arm. Rigid and reliable material handling results are ensured with this robust and low-maintenance manipulator lift assist.

The UltiRail™ is a heavy-duty articulating arm designed to reach under obstructions and into work areas. Custom designed end-effectors easily adapt to each machine with standard flange mounts making nearly every material handling difficulty one to be conquered.

This rail-mounted industrial lifting device is designed to ensure operator safety, keep product integrity intact and increase the efficiency of production.

UltiRail™ Custom Lifting Device Provides Safe Ergonomic Lifting

Inherent safety features built into this custom lift assist manipulator are pilot-operated lock valves on clamp cylinders preventing loss of payload if supply pressure is interrupted. To prevent unwanted downward movement, safety circuit and brakes are incorporated. Custom-designed controls make for optimal user comfort and efficiency. Anti-drift brakes prevent unwanted movement when the UltiRail™ manipulator arm is not in use. Engineered for minimal deflection, this manipulator machine confidently and safely suspends and manipulates product in the production process.

Industrial Rail Manipulator Arm Designed for Performance, Safety, Quality

The UltiRail™ may be designed with ball screw technology, chain hoists, or air or hydraulic cylinders. The chain hoist and ball screw may be electric or pneumatic. Each of these systems provide reliability, machine longevity and consistent and proven material lift assist solutions.

This industrial ergonomic manipulator is easy to install, low-maintenance, and durably powder-coated. It is built with sealed precision bearings that provide long life, smooth motion and less maintenance. Precise product placement, quiet operation, and robust power are inherent qualities that make the UltiRail™ a supreme lifting solution.

Optional mountings on this rail manipulator arm include either floor or overhead track.

Advanced Engineering, Advanced Workmanship, Advanced Manipulator Results

The engineering team at Advanced Manipulator Specialists is attentive, detailed and innovative. Utilizing 3D software, they create solutions that solve material handling difficulties and increase safety and bring efficiency to the production floor.

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Window Manipulator Lifting Large Panes of Glass
Window manipulator with adjustable end-effector easily handles large sheets of glass up to 10' x 12'. Customized machines can accommodate virtually any application.

Tube Lifting Manipulator Arm
Manipulator arm clamping, lifting, rotating 400 lbs tube.

Lift and Rotate Glass Rods with
an Advanced Manipulator Arm

Custom-designed UltiRail electric manipulator arm lifts up to 1000 lb. glass rods that range from 4" to 10" diameter of various lengths. This rail-mounted system picks vertical and rotates to horizontal for placement. Choose Advanced Manipulator Specialists, Inc and find your solution.

UltiJib Rail Pneumatic Manipulator
This pneumatic manipulator arm provides a 12 ft reach with 24" vertical travel. The custom end-effector lifts 300 lb. panels. Pneumatic clamp on the end-tooling keeps panels stationary. Parking brakes on the manipulator arm prevent movement when not in use.

Manipulator Arm & End-Effector
Lifting & Rotating Grain Tube

This Advanced Manipulator Specialists manipulator arm system utilizes a variable speed electric chain hoist. It is a heavy duty part manipulator designed to lift and rotate a 1400 lb. agriculture grain tube. The multi-function end-effector is remote controlled and effortlessly manipulates the product for placement during manufacturing.

Industrial Manipulator Lifting Sockets
UltiRail Pneumatic Manipulator lifting 400 lb raw material and completed sockets. Dual end-effector; 3 jaw on one side to handle raw material.


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