The UltiMate PN™ Pneumatic Manipulator Arm Requires No Electricity

The UltiMate PN™ is a custom-designed pneumatic industrial manipulator that allows the operator to float and manipulate product effortlessly, all without the need for an electrical source; merely hook up to an air supply and this machine is ready to do the job.

The unique design of this air manipulator retains the exceptional features of an electric lift assist but at a more economical price. It also allows more freedom in portability. Standard models will accommodate capacities up to 1000 pounds with custom machines allowing for virtually no weight limitations.

Choose the UltiMate PN™ manipulator lift assist arm when there are wide weight variations of product to be manipulated; regardless of product weight variations, pneumatic lift cylinders handle variable pay-loads with no adjustments.

Custom-Built Manipulator Arm System Makes Lifting Easy

3D rendering of an industrial pneumatic manipulator arm

This industrial manipulator lift assist is also the best choice when it is desirable to totally eliminate the operator force required to lift or lower product. Ease of use is an inherent trademark.

When work needs to be performed on the product while it is rigidly suspended, the UltiMate PN™ is the manipulator arm that will accomplish the task. This exceptional pneumatic manipulator is engineered to provide minimal deflection. You will gain ultimate stability and precise product placement with the intrinsic rigid support provided with the UltiMate PN™ pneumatic manipulator arm.


Performance, Safety, Quality Achieved with the UltiMate PN™ Pneumatic Lift Assist

All Advanced Manipulator Specialists' products provide superior material handling solutions that keep the operator safe and the product integrity intact. The UltiMate PN™ pneumatic manipulator arm is no exception. Variable speed pendants allow the operator controlled product manipulation. Also, custom-designed controls provide optimal ergonomic user comfort and efficiency. Anti-drift brakes prevent unwanted movement when the machine is not in use. If the air supply is interrupted, pilot operated check valves on the gripper cylinder prevent loss of payload, ensuring the operator's safety.

When this pneumatic articulating lift arm is paired with a custom designed end-effector, virtually every material handling difficulty is conquered. Custom end-effectors easily adapt to each machine with a standard flange mount. Reach under obstructions and into work areas easily and effectively with a custom-designed UltiMate PN™ pneumatic manipulator arm and end-tooling.

Superior Quality, Low-Maintenance, Options

The UltiMate PN™ is a low-maintenance system that is easy to install. It comes with a durable powder coated finish and is manufactured with sealed precision bearings that provide long life and smooth motion that is easy to maintain.

This air manipulator is an ergonomic lift assist that can be custom-made to accommodate variable floor configurations amid virtually any manufacturing environment. It can be mounted overhead, on an overhead rail, on a portable base or a floor-mounted pedestal. The UltiMate PN™ pneumatic manipulator can be constructed with stainless steel and can be designed to be explosion-proof. Along with a custom-designed end-effector, this pneumatic lift assist can solve nearly every material handling problem.

Customized Pneumatic Lift Assist Provides Solutions

Utilizing 3D modeling software, this manipulator lift system is designed and made ready for customer-approval to ensure the end-result exceeds expectations. The engineering team at Advanced is innovative, responsive, professional and easy to work with. Creating ergonomic material handling solutions is Advanced Manipulator's expertise.

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Manipulator Arm Lifting Grill For Food Industry
Pneumatic manipulator arm on portable base used to lift a 200 lb. grill used in the food industry. Customized manipulator and end-effector will accommodate virtually every application; call today 320-986-2194 to discuss your project.

Manipulator Arm Lifting Tube
Manipulator lift assist system for lifting tubes.

Industrial Manipulator Ultra Low Clearance
The Limbo Industrial Manipulator affords ultra-low clearance. Model demonstrated has an 8 ft reach and 100 lb. capacity. Tilt function powered with electric actuator. It is on a portable base and has a manual rotate function. All funcitons controlled with remote pendant. This machine can be modified to handle virtually any product.

Tire Manipulator
UltiBalance Pneumatic Industrial Manipulator. This Tire Manipulator is lifting 100 lb tires. There are two sets of controls; different heights to assist operator at different levels. Spring-loaded hook end-effector will accommodate different radius tires.

Industrial Seat Manipulator Lift Assist
Industrial manipulator lifting a 150 lb. seat. This pneumatic UltiMate manipulator system is floor mounted and has a 8 ft reach. The variable speed pendant controls a single fork with a clamp end-effector.

Industrial Manipulator For Barrel Lifting
UltiBalance Industrial Manipulator with a 9ft reach lifting 250lb barrels. This manipulator arm system has an interchangeable end-effector; one vacuum and one clamping unit. This lifting manipulator is wall-mounted.

Industrial Manipulator Handling Filter for Food Processor
This UltiMate Pneumatic Manipulator Arm equipped with a custom-designed end-effector effortlessly clasps and lifts a large filter used in a food processing facility.

Manipulator Effortlessly Lifts
and Rotates Large, Bulky Panels

The UltiMate Pneumatic Manipulator Arm ergonomically assists the operator in lifting and tilting panels. Manually adjustable grippers handle both 250 lb, 15 ft panels and small 2 ft panels; includes powered tilt function.

Pneumatic Manipulator Lift Assist
Handling Railroad Brake Winch

This manipulator arm is designed to effortlessly lift and rotate a railroad brake winch. Lifting capacity is 75 lb., has a 6 ft. reach, capable of 180° rotation and is pneumatically powered.

Manipulator Arm and End-Effector Lifts Wire Spools
This Manipulator arm and custom end-tooling effortlessly rotates and lifts wire spools ranging in diameter from 12" to 24". It features a pneumatic lift cylinder, variable speed pendant and pneumatic brakes at pivot points, ensuring arm is locked in place when not in use.

Industrial Manipulator Arm for Parts Lifting and Handling
Manipulator arm designed to handle various lengths and widths of fabricated parts to load deburring machine. This parts manipulator is mounted on a portable base, has a 200 lb. capacity, pneumatic lift cylinder and variable speed pushbuttons.


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