Hydraulic Manipulator Arm Effortlessly Lifts Heavy Payloads

The UltiHydra™ manipulator arm is a compact and robust ergonomic lift assist that provides rigid and reliable solutions. The inherent features built into this rugged and reliable hydraulic lifting arm allow it to easily accommodate up to 2500 lbs. Engineered for minimal deflection, the UltiHydra™ will accomplish the desired product manipulation, whether simple or complex, and permit the operator to effortlessly and ergonomically perform the job at hand.

Hydraulic Lift Assist Increases Productivity and Ensures Operator Safety

A premium feature of this hydraulic manipulator is that no adjustments are required to handle variable payloads regardless of weight variations. This heavy lifting manipulator machine brings streamlined manufacturing and efficiency to the production floor.

Precise product placement is achieved with variable and single speed controls on this heavy-duty articulating hydraulic arm. When product needs to be rigidly suspended during the manufacturing or relocating process, the UltiHydra™ is a superb choice to securely and effectively accomplish the task. Also, using 3D modeling software, this hydraulic lift assist can easily be configured to reach under obstructions and into hard to reach areas.

Versatile mounting options and customized capabilities permit this system to naturally fit into most work environments. Inherent features allow robust lifting with a compact design, which minimizes floor space and maximizes productivity.

3D rendering of an industrial hydraulic manipulator arm

UltiHydra™ Hydraulic Manipulator Arm Designed for Performance, Safety, and Quality

The hydraulic circuitry on the UltiHydra™ manipulator lift assist is designed to minimize heat build-up. Safety circuitry is provided to prevent unwanted movement in the event of sudden loss of hydraulic pressure. Counterbalanced valves ensure machine and product safety remain intact. Anti-drift brakes prevent unwanted movement when the machine is not in use.

Advanced Manipulator articulating arms, lift, position, and move products safely and efficiently, bringing security and productivity to the manufacturing process. Custom-designed controls provide optimal user comfort and efficiency.

Hydraulic Articulating Arm with Various Options

Custom designed end-effectors easily adapt to each machine with standard flange mount. Virtually every product can be effectively and efficiently manipulated with Advanced’s UltiHydra™ hydraulic lift assist.

This manipulator machine may be mounted overhead, attached to an overhead rail, wall mounted, attached to a floor mounted pedestal or on a portable base.

Low-Maintenance and Durable Lift Assist Provides Superior Quality and Long-Lasting Use

This robust articulating arm is dependable, reliable and durable. This machine is powder coated for a long-lasting finish. Standard sealed precision bearings provide long life, smooth motion and less maintenance. From the ease of installation to the many years of ongoing use, this low-maintenance, tough lift assist will not disappoint.

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Headstock Manipulator Lifts and Rotates Chassis
This customized industrial manipulator is hydraulically powered. Rated for 4000 lb. capacity, it effortlessly lifts and rotates chassis during the production process.

Hydraulic Manipulator Lift Assist
for High Weight Capacities

This Advanced Manipulator Specialists hydraulic manipulator has been designed to easily lift, turn, and rotate a 2700 lb. skid loader chassis. It has an 8 ft reach, is low maintenance and provides a rigid and reliable solution.

Powerful Hydraulic Manipulator Lifting 1500 lbs.
This robust hydraulic manipulator arm and end-effector easily handles bulky and substantial weights. Variable speed up/down, clamp/release and rotation smoothly and accurately places product.


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