Custom Built UltiMate Precision™ Electric Manipulator Arm Handles Any Product

Manipulate your product with accuracy and ease using the UltiMate Precision™ manipulator. The UltiMate Precision™ is an electric industrial manipulator arm that retains the speed of traditional pneumatic manipulators but has the added benefit of precise placement and has the ability to handle frequent load variations. Regardless of product weight variations, no adjustments are required to handle variable payloads with this electric manipulator lift assist. Whether your product is fifty pounds or thousands of pounds, the UltiMate Precision™ manipulator will more than satisfy your requirements in performance and ease of movement.

3D rendering of an industrial electric manipulator arm

Electric Manipulator Arms Provide Smooth Precise Product Placement

Advanced Manipulator Specialist's electric manipulator articulating arm is custom built and designed to provide the operator optimal user comfort and safety. The UltiMate Precision™ is designed with an electric ball screw actuator that provides precise product placement and smooth motion. Product integrity and production efficiency is ensured by utilizing this electric manipulator lift assist.

This electric parts handling manipulator effortlessly and efficiently lifts, suspends, rotates and moves product. The UltiMate Precision™ is designed to safely and effectively reach under obstructions and into the desired work area and can easily accommodate capacities up to 1000 pounds or more. The Ultimate™ Precision lift assist maintains an exceptionally clean and quiet working environment.

Maximize Productivity with Electric Manipulator Lift Assist

By incorporating a custom designed end effector, this electric manipulator arm system ensures maximum productivity and brings the utmost efficiency to the manufacturing process. The end tooling easily adapts to the manipulator machine and attaches with a standard flange mount, ensuring quick and simplified integration. A fingertip joystick along with a variable frequency drive provides speed control for ultimate product placement and provides the operator comfort, safety and productivity.

Versatile mounting options and customized capabilities allows this system to fit into any work environment. The UltiMate Precision™ can be mounted overhead, on an overhead rail, on a floor mounted pedestal or on a portable base. This electric manipulator arm may be optionally constructed of stainless steel. By incorporating custom designed end effectors along with a customized machine, there is virtually no application that is beyond reach.

Safe, Ergonomic Design Protects Operator and Keeps Product Intact

The ball screw technology of the UltiMate Precision™ electric articulating arm ensures reliability and machine longevity. This electric manipulator is designed and built to provide minimal deflection, has a durable powder coated finish, is low-maintenance and easy to install. Unwanted movement when the manipulator arm is not in use is ensured by the anti-drift brakes. Safety brakes prevent the machine from displaying unwanted downward movement and in the event of lost air supply, a safety circuit is provided to keep the machine stationary.

Innovative Engineering and Superior Craftsmanship Ensure Customer Satisfaction

From design to production, Advanced Manipulator Specialist's provides innovative engineering and superior craftsmanship. Every machine is custom designed and engineered with 3D modeling software to provide many years of safe and productive use.

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Electric Manipulator Lifting 1000 lb. Crucible
Semi-automatic electric manipulator system. Vertical movement controlled with a servo drive that ensures precise product placement, which is necessary for this application in placing 1000 lb. crucibles into an oven.

Industrial Manipulator Arm with Servo Drive
Precision servo-lift allows for load-sensing, smooth actuation, precise positioning and variable speed drive. Provides 10 foot reach, 48" vertical travel. End-effector handles both small large rolls, up to 250 lb. capacity. Pneumatic brakes at pivot points prevent drift.


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