Balancing Manipulator Effortlessly Guides Product

Simple, smooth placement is achieved with the UltiBalance™ manipulator arm. Once the machine is calibrated, the operator may simply use manual movement to effortlessly guide product vertically and horizontally. This industrial balancing manipulator may be designed with multiple preset weight loads or may use SensALoad™ technology to teach itself product weight.

Custom-Designed Balanced Lifting Arm, End-Effectors, Controls

The UltiBalance™ balance manipulator lift assist features a standard float mode for ultimate product placement and is designed to reach under obstructions and into work areas. It ergonomically lifts, rotates and suspends, keeping product integrity intact and the operator safe and productive. Desired product placement is achieved precisely and safely with rigid support and customized engineering. The inherent self-balancing properties of the UltiBalance™ manipulator arm provide ultimate stability.

3D rendering of an industrial balancer manipulator arm

Safe, Ergonomic Balancing Lift Assists

Custom end-effectors easily adapt to each machine with a standard flange mount. Optimal user comfort and efficiency is achieved with custom-designed controls.

Anti-drift brakes prevent unwanted movement when the machine is not in use. The UltiBalance™ also employs pressure switch control valves which prevent unwanted downward motion in the event of lost air supply. Pilot operated check valves on gripper cylinder prevent loss of payload if air supply is interrupted. The UltiBalance™ includes air regulator/filter with lockout valve to provide additional safety measures.

UltiBalance™ Industrial Balance Lift Assist Provides Superior Design and Performance

There are no short cuts in the design, manufacturing or assembly of the UltiBalance™ industrial balance lift assist arm. It is engineered to provide minimal deflection. Sealed precision bearings provide long life, smooth motion and minimal maintenance. All Advanced Manipulator Specialist's machines are powder-coated to provide a durable and aesthetically appealing finish.

This balance manipulator arm is designed to provide superior function and a low-maintenance lifting system to provide years of productive use.

Advanced's engineering team is innovative and responsive to the customers' needs. Utilizing 3D modeling software ensures superior design efficiency and allows for customer approval.

Balance Manipulator Arm with Options

The UltiBalance™ can be mounted on an overhead rail, be secured onto a floor-mounted pedestal, or attached to a portable base. It can be manufactured with stainless steel and can be designed to be explosion-proof. Customization to the machine, end-effector and controls give options to maximize production and keep operators safe.

Easy installation, Low-maintenance, Superior Satisfaction

The UltiBalance™ lift assist manipulator's easy installation, low maintenance requirements and superior performance in ergonomic lifting brings ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Press Brake Manipulator Handling
500 lb Sheets of Steel

This press brake manipulator effortlessly lifts, rotates and places 500 lb sheets of steel into the press brake for ease in production. This manipulator arm and customized end-effector allows the operator the capability to produce regular and reverse bends.

Ergonomic Manipulator Arm & Custom End
Tooling Lifts 2200° Metal Cylinders

Safely and effortlessly lift and manipulate high-temperature material products with an Advanced Manipulator Specialists industrial lifting arm and end-effector.

Industrial Manipulator Arm
Picks Skid Plate From Paint Line

Pneumatic manipulator arm picks and places skid plate from paint line to rack during manufacturing process. Adjustable floating handle bar provides ergonomic safety for the operator.

Pneumatic Tire Manipulator
Pneumatically powered customized manipulator arm and end effector lifts and rotates 100 lb ATV frames from paint-line to assembly cart. Mounted overhead and quipped with pneumatic brakes at pivots, pneumatic lift cylinder and pneumatically powered gripper.

Industrial Manipulator Arm Moves
ATV Frames During Assembly Process

Pneumatically powered customized manipulator arm and end effector lifts and rotates 100 lb ATV frames from paint-line to assembly cart. Mounted overhead and quipped with pneumatic brakes at pivots, pneumatic lift cylinder and pneumatically powered gripper.

Industrial Manipulator
Arm Manipulator For Water Tank

UltiBalance Industrial Manipulator lifting and rotating a 50 pound plastic water tank. Manipulator arm system is mounted on a portable base. Advanced Manipulator Specialists, Inc. is the leader in custom manipulator and torque reaction arm systems. Call today to discuss your project: 320-986-2194

Industrial Pneumatic Manipulator
to Position Power Washer Wand

Effortlessly move and position power washer wand with free-floating design that locks into place when desired height is achieved. Plus or minus ten degrees tilt. Plexiglass panel shields operator.

UltiBalance Pneumatic Manipulator
for Sugar Beet Cutter Tool

Pneumatically powered dual probe end-effector handles 75 lb. production cutter tool. Designed with balanced pneumatic lift cylinder and adjustable regulator for variety of product weights. Also constructed with spring loaded brakes at pivots.

Dual Arm Pneumatic Manipulator Lifting System
This manipulator lift-assist system incorporates two manipulator arms and one torque arm for effortless assembly of two different sized gas tanks onto corresponding skid plates. Automatic sensors detect which product the manipulator arm is handling and adjusts the regulators to the appropriate lifting capacity.

Press Brake Manipulator Arm
Press brake pneumatic manipulator holds 160 lb sheets of metal while bending. Vacuum end-effector effortlessly grabs product and rotates for placement.


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