Torque Arms

Advanced offers a complete line of Torque Reaction Arms for air and electric tools.

• Smooth, effortless movement offers the operator no resistance.

• Maintains tools in a vertical position.

• Pneumatic arms easily adjust to varying tool weights.

• Constructed with the highest quality material and workmanship, they are made to last.

• Power Down Assist (PDA) available to eliminate slippage between tool bit and screw.

• Standard tool support systems are compact, with operator use as close as 3" from the mounting post.

• The versatility of the standard unit can accommodate up to 30 lbs. and reach up to 40 inches with a 360 degree rotation.

• Custom machines offer virtually no weight or torque restrictions!

Torque Arm
Custom Torque Arm Examples

Standard Torque Arm
Standard Torque Arms

Smart Arm
Locator™ Smart Arm Technology

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