Drive The Omni-Directional Mobile Manipulator;
Take The "Line" Out of Assembly

Lift, Transport and Manipulate Your Product From The Driver's Seat

  • Take the "line" out of assembly; drive to your product
  • Eliminate railing
  • Efficiently utilize floor space
  • Maximize workforce
  • Customization accommodates all products

Electric AC Motor and Control Technology

Provides safe, clean, quiet and emission-free power with minimal maintenance.

  • Superior visibility and clearance
  • Up to 20,000 pound capacity
  • Precise product placement with virtually no product restrictions.
  • Replace multiple material handling stations
  • Optional quick-attach end-effectors to multitask one machine
  • AC drive motor and controller for greater power effeciency, faster performance, improved control, no fuel emissions
  • Operator friendly joystick controls for both driving and manipulator functions

Mobulator Driveable  Mobile Manipulator

Multi-Task One Machine With Multiple

Customized End-Effectors For Every Product


• Tires / Tracks
• TransmissionsMobile Manipulator
• Chassis
• Glass
• Axles
• Rolls
• Frames
• Engines
• Castings


Mobile Manipulator Mobile Manipulator Mobile Manipulator



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