UltiRail Manipulator Arm

The UltiRail industrial manipulator is a robust, low-maintenance arm that provides reliable material handling solutions. A chain hoist, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, or ball screw power system may be utilized with the UltiRail. The overhead track and custom designed manipulator and end-effector will accommodate virtually any product.


Examples of Solutions Provided:

Rail  Manipulator Arm Handling Water Tanks UltiRail™
Manipulator Arm Used To Handle
Water Tanks

Rail  Manipulator Arm For 3000 lb. Roll Handling 3000 lbs. Plastic Roll Manipulator

Manipulator Arm for Combine Unload Tubes Rail Manipulator
For Combine Unload Tubes
14 ft Vertical Travel
Wireless Remote Pendant
Manipulator Arm Handles 10ft Cylinders Lift Assist Handles 10ft Cylinders

3000 lb. Overhead Rail Manipulator Arm
Manipulator Arm System
With Multiple
3000 lb. Capacity

Rail Manipulator Arm for Sheet Stacking 3 ton Sheet Stacker Loader Rail Manipulator Arm Lifting Bus Radiator 500 lbs. Bus Radiator Industrial Rail Manipulator Arm Handling CruciblesIndustrial Rail Manipulator Arm
Handling Crucibles For Solar Industry
SnapOn UltiRail Manipulator Arm UltiRail™
With Custom-Built Overhead Structure & Staging Cart Handles Metal Slugs During Machining Process
Rail Manipulator for 1000 lb. SheetsGlass Handler
With Adjustable
End-Effector Handles Multiple Sized Panes Up To 10'x12'
Industrial Rail Manipulator Arm 100 lb. Injection Molded Parts Rail Manipulator for 1000 lb. Sheets 1000 lbs. Vacuum Sheet Handler

Glass Lifting ManipulatorUltiRail™
Glass Lifting Manipulator

Glass Lifting ManipulatorRoll Handling Manipulator Arm
With Probe
Vacuum Sheet Handling Rail Manipulator Arm 1000 lbs. Vacuum Sheet Handler





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