Manipulator Arm Balancers

Simple, smooth placement is achieved with the UltiBalance manipulator arm. Once the machine is calibrated, the operator may simply use manual movement to effortlessly guide product. This industrial manipulator may be designed with multiple preset weight loads or may use SensALoad technology to teach itself product weight.


Overhead Mount
Overhead Rail
Floor Mounted Pedestal
Portable Base
Standard End Effectors
Customized End Effectors
Stainless Steel
Explosion Proof

Examples of Solutions Provided:

Industrial Manipulator For Lawn Mower Frames Manipulator Arm Used To Lift Lawn Mower Frames

Lift Assist For Handling Doors
Lift Assist For Handling
100 lb. Doors

Lift Assist For 200 lb Tire Retread Manipulator Lift Assist Handling
200 lb
Tire Retread

Manipulator Arm Lifting Bearings
Manipulator Arm Lifts
200 lb Bearings

Manipulator Arm for Welding Positioning
Welding Positioner Manipulator Arm

Industrial Manipulator Lifting Tractor Seat

Ergonomically Lift Seats With The UltiBalance™
Manipulator Arm

Ergonomic Manipulator Arm Lifting Solar Panels
Lift Assist Manipulator Arm For Solar Panels

Manipulator Arm Lifting Sheet Metal 500 lbs. Sheet Metal Product

Industrial Manipulator Lifting Sinks 100 lbs. Sink Handler

Manipulator Arm Lifting Truck Hood Manipulator Overhead Arm Lifting
Truck Hood

Balancing Arm With Roll Handler
Balancer Arm With
Roll Handling End-Effector

Manipulator Arm Lifting Radiator
Manipulator Arm With Gripper End-Effector

Manipulator Arm With Vacuum End Effector Column Mounted Manipulator Arm With Vacuum End-Effector

Lift Assist Overhead Mount
Lift Assist
Overhead Mount

Low Profile Manipulator Arm
Torch Balancer With Braking System To Hold Torch In Position

Frame Flipper Arm 100 lbs. ATV Frame Flipper

Manipulator Arm For Brick Handling
Ceiling Mounted Manipulator With Clam
& Assembly Table For
Brick Handling

Manipulator Arm Lifting Heat Exchangers Manipulator
Handles Heat Exchangers

Industrial Manipulator Lifting Windshields
150 lb. Windshield w/180° Rotation


Low Profile Manipulator Arm
100 lb

Arm Manipulator Lifting 100 pound Sand Core 100 lb.
Sand Core Manipulator

Part Manipulator Handles Dies
Part Manipulator Handles Dies

Window Manipulator 150 lb. Window Handler

Industrial Manipulator Arm
80 lb. Demo Manipulator

Manipulator Arm Lifting Truck Hood
150 lb. Truck Hood Handler

Manipulator Arm Shaft Puller 100 lbs. Shaft Puller

Low Profile Manipulator Arm
Industrial Manipulator Arm

Sand Core Arm Manipulator 80 lb. Sand Core Handler

Manipulator Arm Lifting Radiator
60 lbs. Radiator w/Gooseneck

Sand Core Arm Manipulator
Manipulator Arm

Manipulator Arm Shaft Puller 200 lb. Belly Dump Door





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